The local street food market

This year, the food markt will take place on the first Friday of every month from April to September. Planning is already in full swing – there are 4 dates with a concert! And the new project – a huge event space rent-free in the former shopping center Lust4Life – is entering the decisive phase – check the LustAufLife website!

The idea has become reality

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On 14.4. it was so far: We start the first market. With many unknowns. At a quarter past three it is already pretty crowded. The weather plays along – just a few droplets now and then. And it stays like this until 9 pm. We are overjoyed, also about so much positive feedback. We never expected such a rush. Again and again we fetch new benches. Two booths run out of food even before closing time …

It's getting crowded
It’s getting crowded!
tables are quickly filled
The tables are quickly filled …
and all age groups come
… and all age groups come.
people stay until the very end
People stay until the very end!

Here are the stands at the premiere

streetfood Aachen food market the "Bar Cantona"
The “Bar Cantona”
streetfood Aachen food market the "HOBO"
The “HOBO”
streetfood Aachen food market "Masuto"
streetfood Aachen food market The "Mehlwölkchen" (flour cloud)
The “Mehlwölkchen” (flour cloud)
streetfood Aachen food market the "Nunya Snack"
The “Nunya Snack”
streetfood Aachen food market "Ingo Café"
… and “Ingo Café”

Fortunately we had many helpers, also during the dismantling. What a beautiful day. We are already looking forward to the next time!

The Idea

Finally, the parking garage is gone and the way is clear for new innovative ideas for this large square in the center of Aachen. From now on, many creative events will take place here. This square should become friendly and lively. Inspired by the stalls of the Friday Market from Ljubljana and the markets in the South of France, we would like to contribute to this and provide small market stalls for the physical well-being in a pleasant atmosphere.

We offer restaurateurs and caterers from the region the opportunity to offer small portions of their offer at fair prices and thus also increase the profile of your restaurant, your service. The market stalls receive, to the variety of offers, a uniform appearance.

In addition, we are planning workshops, music, events during the market hours, which will make the stay even more colorful and versatile than “just” eating something. Let us surprise you and together transform this place into a new meeting point in the center and establish more quality of life and a little southern flair in Aachen.

Of course you don’t have to pay an entrance fee!

We thank our kind supporters:

Date: 15.4.2023